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Natural strength

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Зерна гречки
Зерна гречки

LLP "Zernograd" is a modern dynamically developing production enterprise, which is one of the leaders in Kazakhstan in terms of production and sale of buckwheat.




Buckwheat kernel is produced from steamed and dried buckwheat by separating fruit coats. It is a champion among grain varieties in terms of iron content and have unique health benefits.


Split buckwheat kernel, obtained by separating the buckwheat kernel from the husk. Such cereal cooks much faster and at the same time retain all its health benefits in the finished product, as well as a rich and appetising aroma.

It is packed in bags of 50 kg.


Buckwheat kernel produced from steamed and dried buckwheat by separating fruit coats.It is a champion among grain varieties in terms of iron content and have unique health benefits.

It is packed in bags of 25 kg and 50 kg.


One of the three main types of rye flour. Due to its rich composition, it is the peeled variety that has the most of health benefits and in demand. Peeled flour retains almost all numerous healthful substances that are contained in the rye, as almost 90% of this variety consists ofof cells surrounding the grain embryo (endosperm or powdery nucleus). And only the remaining 10% are the outer shells of the grain, the so-called peripheral grain. Peeled rye flour is grayish-white or light cream due to the grain shell of a greenish color. This type of rye flour contains a smaller percentage of rye shells, unlike the wallpaper variety, which is produced by grinding whole rye grain. The main part of the outer shells is stripped from the grains before production, so the name of the variety has the word "stripped".

It is packed in bags of 50 kg.





The creatiion history begins in 1993, when was buit large buckwheat processing plant with performance of 150 tons per day. In 1999, the SKS 3*144 elevator with a capacity of 22.3 thousand tons was put into operation at the buckwheat plant, where buckwheat grain is cleaned, dried and stored for subsequent processing at the plant

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The modernization of the technological line of grain purification has been carried out at the enterprise. With the help of modern equipment, it was possible to achieve more efficient preparation of grain mass for processing, with less losses, and the sanitary and hygienic level also increased.The improved process of primary heat treatment of grain (modernized steaming unit) allowed to increase the quality level of cereals - to avoid burning, boiling and other types of spoilage of grain, which ultimately led to an increase in the quality of cereals.

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he plant's products will continue to have high consumer properties in comparison with competitors' products, as planned modernization of production, constant certification of the laboratory, purchase of new devices that help monitor the quality of products are carried out. To date, the company's products in the form of buckwheat are represented in all regions of Kazakhstan by the following trademarks – "Apashka", "Altyn Khanym", "Kudesnitsa", "Tsarskaya Pavlodarskaya", "Zernograd", "Grechanka" .


  • The largest buckwheat processong plant in the territory pf Central Asia;
  • The production technology in the form of steaming the buckwheat allows to preserve all healthful benefits of buckwheat cereal;
  • Quality control from the stage of cultivation of grain;
  • Modern equipment of the best European producers for production of buckwheat cereal of same shade and size, with a pleasant aroma and minimal weediness;
  • The use of high quality materials for packaging of final product;
  • Storage of raw materials and finished products in our own elevator and equipped warehouses with an access road for uninterrupted delivery of finished products to our partners.
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We conduct procurement of raw materials from farmers and provide elevator services.

Our company is constantly considering proposals for cooperation with raw materials suppliers (buckwheat, rye, sunflower, wheat). Learn more about cooperation with us by calling: +7 (71845) 42-185 or leave your phone number for feedback


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